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Date & time Feb 5 '16
Eagle Waters, Hartbeespoort dam
Creator Virgo - South Africa

Who's attending

Virgo - South Africa




Vdub Camp Fest is the biggest South African annual event for enthusiasts of all things German.
The pilgrimage attracts thousands of people who love extraordinary cars, modern entertainment and the outdoor lifestyle.
This two day event is a highlight on the national social and motor industry calendar, and a benchmark for other car shows in Africa.


The first weekend of February is our annual tradition to pay respect to our Volkswagen creations.

Supporters and lovers of the VAG scene have a choice of visiting for a day (either Sat 6th Feb or Sun 7th Feb).
Or even better yet spend the entire weekend with fellow Vdub enthusiasts in your preference of camping or accommodation.

This year the organizers had a near impossible task of finding a venue that is larger than the previous ATKV Buffelspoort for the 2016 chapter of the event. After several weeks of searching a newly refurbished gem known as Eagle Waters Resort on the southern tip of Hartbeespoort Dam was found and secured for what will be the largest edition of the Vdub Camp Fest show.

The enormous Eagle Waters Resort stretches a total length of 3,6km along the dam’s scenic water edge, with 1,7km of that waterfront dedicated to the actual show area and the remainder along camping and accommodation space.

Notwithstanding the large space of this venue, organizers had to include accommodation at various nearby resorts to cater for the huge demand that the event has established. The previously hosted Hartbeespoort Resort will cater for additional campers once the initial main venue space is sold out. The Orion Venue Hotel as well as Amanzingwe Holiday Resort will cater for patrons who prefer more upmarket standards of accommodation. The massive Magaliespark Resort on the north of the dam will also join in catering for chalet visitors at the final stage of ticket releases in November.
To end off the list of venues involved is the Majestic Waters Villa which is suitable to cater for the larger crew that travels from far and wishes its members to all stay over at a single point. All accommodation destinations and pictures disclosing exact distances to the show area will be posted on social media platforms for ticket buyers’ perusal.

In essence the 2k16 Camp Fest event is taking place across the entire Hartbeespoortdam region. The show has grown to such an extent that there is no single venue that can accommodate the mass of people and vehicles attending therefore all future installments of the event is likely to see the main show hosted at one venue, with accommodation spread across the surrounding town.

Email (Exhibitors & General info): Events[email protected]
Email (Accommodation info): [email protected]
Email (Sponsorship information): [email protected]
*Festival Info Line: (+27) 071 440 2000

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