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Open Mindedness – Live Theatre Show


Date & time Apr 26 '16, 19:00
Event ends Apr 28 '16, 00:00
The Joburg Theatre, Loveday St, Johannesburg, 2001, South Africa
Creator Virgo - South Africa

Who's attending

Virgo - South Africa



Open Mindedness – Live Theatre Show

The Live Theatre Show of  Open Mindedness is a production based on the things people and society clothes us with, it explores what we find taboo and looks at subjects such as sexuality, preference and general ignorance just to name a few.

This  is an artistic exhibition of what the 21st century entails from the perspective of the universal  everyday native , but mainly Africa.  This ‘straight-forward’ and blunt perception of everyday issues aims to expand, the already under progress, paradigm shifts that the  members of the public undergo, through different awareness campaigns.  Issues of homosexuality, monogamy and the ever so popular new age polyandry, in relation to conventional and culturally based norms. 


The Open-mindedness project in general is about bringing the extreme, the tangents, the outcasts, the awkward, the taboo together and stylistically presenting them to the public in a reasonable, beautiful, acceptable and artistic manner, so the audience can realize their previous bias & lack of understanding towards these subjects which actually involve them a lot more than they realize.

The exhibition aims at creating awareness and making social, economic and political statements using visual and performing arts.


The body painting aims to exhibit the artistic nature and diversity of all artists and the play brings about humor that is guaranteed to make one laugh but leave them with the ability to critically analyze society and contrasts it to reality and the true nature of celebrating the human being holistically. 

In total, Open Mindedness is self explanatory and will open the minds of many and challenge their inner being and raise the much owed celebration of one’s Mind , Body and Soul.


We see the Open-Mindedness becoming synonymous with high art events that attract the intellectual and artistic sides of nudity and sexuality. The exhibition and performances are a great platform of generally thinkers of rebellious works of the erotic category, without leaving out the social responsibility part that NGO's, government and the society pursue.


Open-Mindedness appreciates the beauty, sensuality, and creativity of the nude art form. It combines an exceptional art collection, photography, films, sculptures , paintings with interactive performance arts that includes items such as themed live drawing, body paintings, poetry sessions and monologues.


The exhibition will showcase good arts that display the best creativity in the nude art genre and celebrate the artistic, humorous, and sensual aspects of creative nude art both in visual and performance arts.

It will accommodate various social communities, It will address the issue of prostitution , human trafficking and sexuality with people with disability through arts.

It will talk against  sex slavery. It will will speak about HIV, virginity and sexual desires.



Open Mindedness includes

-        Live Theatre Shows

-        Visual Arts Exhibitions

-          ( Including the Body Painting & Erotic Art Shows)

-        Poetry Sessions

-        Open Dialogues


These activities will be held through out the country to educate people and open a channel of dialogue between young and old, Black and white, Straight and gays/lesbians, Poor and Rich , as well as crossing through various religions.



The Preview takes place at the Joburg Theatre on Tuesday the 26th April 2016  at 19:00 and Wednesday 27th April 2016 ( Freedom Day )  which first show scheduled at  15:00  and second show 19:00.


The show will also be produced in other cities of the South Africa from next month.


Age Restriction : 18

Warning : Show Contains Full Nudity



For more information , Please contact :

Nkazi 073 525 2193073 525 2193

Vokal  061 879 1754


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