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The Grand White Pretoria 2016


Dia e hora Mar 12 '16
Pretoria, South Africa
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The Grand White Pretoria 2016The amazing The Grand White event is returning in 2016 even bigger and better! With over 8000 guests attending in 2014, 13 000 guests in 2015 we are truly grateful for the fantastic support. The Grand White will be hosted in Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban in 2016. There is no goal except spending an extraordinary afternoon and evening together with friends and family — at a secret location chosen from one of each cities options dressed all in white with a touch of green! The Grand White will without a doubt become known as one of the most prestigious events once again in 2016. An event where you arrive as strangers and leave as friends! During the afternoon and evening the guests will enjoy each other's company, delicious food, live music, speeches, comedy, entertainment and much more with a new concept that promises an unforgettable event.Guests are welcome to either bring their own picnic baskets and drinks or purchase at the event. For any questions please contact:

[email protected]

With love from
The Grand White Team


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