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Inkless Printer in your pocket

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Nov 24 | By Webster Molaudi | Views: 36 | Comments: 0
Inkless Printer in your pocket
Hp recreates special moments with their new sprocket inkless printer.

In the 21st century where smartphones are getting more intelligent and lighter and portable one would think recreating something that is considered old school would be a waste of time.

But that's not the case with Hp, they have come up with their new gadget called the sprocket 100 with ZINK Zero Ink printing technology. Yes. Printing without ink, surprised?

This printer allows you to print instant photos from virtually anywhere in seconds using your smartphone and it is about the size of a cell phone, weighing around 170 grams.

What I like about this printer is your limitation is only your imagination, I would never use it to print photos but I have found other uses for it. I played around with different designs and shades and I was impressed with the quality the printer brings out.

Besides photos, I used the printer to print business cards and not only did they look fancy, the glossy finish gave the impression that I have got style.

For any business man this would be an ideal gadgets when you go to that meeting to get that deal done.

What I like about the printer is that it is very cheap to buy, for only R1,999 and you never have to worry about buying ink again which is very reasonable. Although the printer is cheap the printing sheets carry a heavy cost of R199 for only 20, meaning a sheet is R10. For a 2 x 3 size sheets. I think R10 is really expensive.

If you are an outgoing social person this would be an ideal gadget to have to create those photo stories to stick it up on the fridge…but there's more you can use this printer for all you have to do is use your imagination.


1. The printer weighs around 170 grams
2. The printer is very cheap, costing around R1,999
3. Print about anything your limitation is only your imagination
4. Connect via Bluetooth
5. Edit your photos instantly and add cool emojis, text and borders
6. Rechargable via USB and you can carry anywhere


1. R199 for 20 sheets it is pretty expensive
2. With the cost of data the Android App is almost 100MB to download to connect your phone to the printer
3. Printing 10 sheets at a go normally takes time as the printer at some point stops to cool-off

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